Sunday, March 25, 2012


Old post #1:

I've decided it's time that the internet get a blog about life in math. Not about math itself -- I'd love to do that someday, but I worry that I would not be able to produce posts regularly. Besides, that's already covered by blogs like the Secret Blogging Seminar, Terry Tao's blog, and a host of other great sites. No, I want to talk about doing math, living in our little mathematical subculture, dealing with our wonderful fellow mathematicians... all the things blogging scientists talk about without the lab and reagent chatter. Life in mathematics is different than life in the bio-sciences, engineering, or even physics. Maybe it deserves its own forum.

If you have topics for discussion just email me!

I am just finishing up my dissertation and starting a postdoc with a good dose of teaching, and hope to grow an independent research agenda over the next few years. I would like to remain pseudonymous while I feel things out. Since this is not a math research blog but a "soft questions" blog, that ought to be ok. (I borrowed the name from the tag on

Update: I've been in that postdoc now for a while. The rest is still accurate. Next post: a candid look at teaching three-three for graduate students who might be interested.

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